For the last few years I have make either (rather large quantities) of sugar cookies or Florentines to give to take to work and generally distribute over the Christmas period.  While these are always great fun to do, I fancied trying something new this year.

The something that I eventually decided on was orangettes.  These are strips of candied orange peel coated in dark chocolate.  Despite the fact that they are very widely sold in the shops over hear at this time of year I struggled to find recipes for making them at home.  This may be to do with the fact that they are really straight forward (if a little time consuming) to make and only need three ingredients– maybe everyone just “knows”!

The Ingredients

The Ingredients

Anyway, eventually I was able to locate some information and set upon creating these little treats.

The first challenge was figuring out how to actually “peel” the orange since I needed to end up with nice long strips.  I could not figure out a way of getting nice rectangular pieces that did not involve wasting a lot of peel.  In the end I decided to forgo right angles and choose to cut the orange from top to bottom repeatedly and then removed each of these pieces carefully.

removing the peel

Removing the peel

Next came the boiling stage where you repeatedly boil and cook the peel to “remove the bitterness”.  The instructions I had found varied in how many times this needed to be done.  I decided to err on caution and go with the biggest number, just in case.  This meant I had to boil and cool the peel for times!

boiling the peel in the sugar water

Boiling the peel in the sugar water

After this it was time to boil the peel once again, but this time in sugar syrup!  Once the peel had taken on a lot of the sugar and water I could finally move onto drying them on some baking parchment and that was it for one day since they need a long time to dry out a bit.

drying the peel

Drying the peel

The next day it was onto the chocolate coating stage.  I expected this to be a little messy what with the molten chocolate as well, but I had failed to take into account just how sticky my candied peel would be.  This made them rather difficult to handle as they seemed to stick to everything except the cocktail stick I was using to dip them in the chocolate.  Eventually I had managed to coat each piece of peel (and myself and a large section of my kitchen) in chocolate.  They could then go into the fridge to cool down and set.


Drying the chocolate

With the chocolate set I could finally bag up the orangettes ready to give out.  These may have taken a while to make but I was really pleased with the result.  They taste and look great (according to me!) and I hope everyone enjoys them.

All packed up

All packed up


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