A Michelin starred meal and a little bit of home baking.

The absolute highlight of my past week (in fact probably the highlight of the past few weeks or months) was that I finally got to visit the Michelin Starred restaurant Les Cepages in Thoiry.  Something I had not managed to do so far in the two and a bit years I’ve lived here despite it being only a 10 minute drive away!

I love eating out, but until this week I had only ever managed to visit two Michelin starred restaurants; the Crown at Whitebrook (which unfortunately shut earlier this year) and the Walnut Tree in Abergavenny, so I was very excited to finally be trying out another and a French one to boot.

For me the experience did not disappoint.  The food was absolutely delicious and I really enjoyed having the different wines to match each course rather than drinking one throughout.  There were a few small issues (detailed in my review here) but overall I had a great time and I hope I will manage to go back there at some point.

Lobster Tart at Les Cepages

Lobster Tart at Les Cepages

After the high of Les Cepages the next morning I was right back down to earth and off to the local hospital for a minor operation.  This was an outpatient procedure and although I knew I would need to stay a few hours, I didn’t really occur to me that I would get to eat there so the lunch they brought was nice surprise.

Lunch as the Hospital

Lunch as the Hospital

The hospital I was at was a private one so it’s a bit unfair to compare it to my experiences of NHS food, but I have to say I was impressed with the quality if not the choice (there was no choice!). I was presented with a trio of smoked fish, veal schnitzel and tagliatelle Neapolitan and a strawberry millefeuille which were all very tasty and cheered me up no end!

As you can probably guess from the above I once again didn’t get up to much cooking last week.  The one thing I did make was some apricot and frangipane tarts.  I love making little individual tarts in both sweet and savoury form.  These ones actually work well with most soft fruits are really easy to whip up if they take your fancy.  I enjoyed one warm right out of the oven and the other for my breakfast the next day.

Other than that it was a week of bread and cheese (a favourite easy meal of mine) and assorted store cupboard meals including pad thai and my new comfort creation, the multinational mix (and probably insulting to each of the cuisines involved).  Not particularly pretty or requiring in culinary skill but quick, easy, tasty meals.

A quick Pad Thai made with packet sauce

A quick Pad Thai made with packet sauce

Schupfnudeln with baked beans, Brie and Comte

Schupfnudeln with baked beans, Brie and Comte


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